Best Colleges For Indian Students In Korea

Top colleges Indian students can consider in South Korea
During the last several years, the scenarios for international studies have definitely changed. If earlier students dreamed of moving to the West and looked for colleges in the US and Canada, now they are pretty much attracted to education that Asian institutions provide. Even though there is still a huge workload that needs to be performed daily, the quality of education is quite high. Those Indian students who are confident in their abilities (or those who use the help of writing services like 99papers or the ones observed in a grademiners review), consider South Korea colleges as a great option to enroll in. In this article, we will discuss the main reasons to study in this country and top colleges to choose from.

What makes Korean education so good?

Receiving education in Asia definitely has many advantages, especially for students that come from India. First, the accommodation cost is cheap (if you are not planning to move to big cities), the weather is mild, and the education is as good as it is in Canada and the US. South Korea is considered to be one of the most technologically (and not only) developed countries in Asia, and its employees are one of the highest educated in the world. In fact, they have even the terms «national obsession» and «education fever» when it comes to education. During the last few years, this country has concentrated on attracting more foreign students into their programs, providing them with great opportunities for studying:
1. Quality
Students from other countries are excited with the quality of education they get;
2. Affordable costs
On average, you will have to pay around $7K for a year while in the US, it costs around $20K depending on the major. The accommodation costs are quite low, and you can even afford a one-room apartment for around $300. Products are also cheap;
3. Scholarships
The country provides specific scholarships aimed at students that come from India. They can compensate 100% of costs for a year of education.
Besides, Indian students have terrific job opportunities as there are such famous Korean brands as Samsung, LG, and KIA Motors present in India. Of course, studying may be not easy, but you can always count on the help of specialized services like the ones mentioned in a killer papers review and writing agency observed in an edubirdie review. If you consider education in Korea, choose between:
1. Seoul National University
This one belongs to the top range of universities, its other name is the sky uni, and it is now one of the most prestigious for both locals and international students to attend. Even though there is a high competition, you still have a chance to win a place and get your tuition covered;
2. Yonsei University
It also belongs to the sky league of country`s universities and has a unique Underwood college for students that come from abroad. The professors` staff includes people from different parts of the world, and some students receive the 100% funded scholarship;
This institution is ranked as the best in the world to receive a major in science and technology. The uni started operating more than half a century ago and is still on the top educational institutions In Korea. It is funded by the local government and such brands as Samsung and Hyundai. All students there are entirely founded, and all classes are led in English;
4. Hanyang University
Located in the capital, it offers majors in lots of disciplines and is known for its famous alumni (the chairman of Hyundai). The institution provides 70% coverage for undergraduate students and 100% for Masters and Ph.D.

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