Gurdwara is taken care by some Indians now a days. There is one group of Indian members, who is taking care of all the things related to Gurdwara like about construction, financials things and other activities related to Gurdwara.

Committee Members

For any kind of information or activities one can contact any of the member of Gurdwara on given below contact numbers.

Name Contact Number
Sukwinder Singh ( Head Granthi/Priest )

(+82) 011-9685-3284

Hardarshan Singh (Tony) (+82) 011-9750-4738
Manjit Singh (+82) 011-9691-6331
Gurdip Singh (+82) 010-9294-7386
Harbhjan Singh (+82) 031-536-5433
Sukhwant Singh (+82) 011-9691-3518
Tarlok Singh (+82) 011-9686-3315

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